Hello World - Launching Local Bytes

Hi, I'm Adam,

For the past few years, I've been working with various smart home devices, and one thing has stood out. Vendors want your data because if a service is free, you are the product.

I want to do things, differently. Why should your tech be reliant on someone else's servers to be operational, and why should their demise cause your tech to be worthless?

As such, I am pleased to officially launch Local Bytes, your one-stop shop for smart home tech, that doesn't rely on someone else's servers!

Why choose us?

At Local Bytes, we keep your bytes... Local!

All of the products in our curated catalogue are free from the shackles of a cloud subscription, typically on open-source software.

We base our choices of products and software on what is supported by the tools our customers use.

As such, we integrate seamlessly with tools such as Home Assistant, and OpenHAB, through firmware such as Tasmota and WLED, and we also have a selection of ZigBee devices, that are local as standard!

Once everything is set up, your home will be automated, even if your internet goes down!

What's on the horizons?

As you can see, we have an exciting product launching soon. Our very own smart plug, pre-flashed, pre-configured, and pre-calibrated with Tasmota. Follow along for updates here!

We're also looking into Smart switches (likely to be ZigBee based), but feel free to send over any suggestions as to what you'd like to see!

At present, we are only shipping to the UK, however, we're excited to be able to expand this soon.

That's all for now, be sure to follow us on all the socials @LocalBytesShop for any updates, or you can create an account, and you'll get any blog posts straight to your inbox!

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