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Power Monitoring Smart Plug - Preflashed & Preconfigured

Power Monitoring Smart Plug - Preflashed & Preconfigured

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The Local Bytes Power Monitoring WiFi Smart Plug, preflashed with Tasmota/ESPHome.

Reminder: This device comes pre-flashed with Tasmota/ESPHome.
Please read our getting started guide (Tasmota / ESPHome) or our Video (Tasmota) if you need to familiarize yourself with this firmware.
If you run into any issues, please consult our reference sheet first!

A favourite for getting started with home automation. Automate anything that can be controlled by turning it off and on.
It even monitors power usage!

Commonly used for lamps (Tasmota Configuration)

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Plug Standard

UK: BS1316 - Type G
EU (DE/FR): CEE 7/7 - Type E/F

Voltage Range AC 100~240v 50Hz
Max Current

UK: 13A
EU (DE/FR): 16A

MCU ESP8285N08
Power IC BL0937

Note: Compatible Smart Home Hub is recommended, but not required, for automation!

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