Early Access Agreement

Our early access agreement applies to the following products:

  • LocalDeck
  • LocalDeck Faceplates
  • LocalDeck Bundle
Thank you for supporting LocalBytes! By pre-ordering the LocalDeck Bundle, you automatically receive a discount. It’s our little way of saying thank you. As a small business, Local Bytes relies on your support during our pre-order period, and it is much appreciated!

We love to show off our early-access products with a photo or two of our prototypes. As such, it’s important to note that the final product you receive may differ visually (if only slightly) to our pre-release shots. For this reason, we also aim to publish photos of the final product before it ships.

However, we never intend to misrepresent the functionality of any LocalBytes product. So, if you have any questions before ordering an early access product, please reach out via the LocalBytes Forum (or contact page for sensitive queries).

To ensure your satisfaction, we may package the product in a clear bag. This will allow you to inspect the product before you completely open it. In the event that you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the item for a full refund in line with our Refund Policy.

Stay up to date with LocalDeck production timelines by checking out the Updates tag on our Forum. We want to keep you in the know during our early access period, so head to the thread now to get updates via email.

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You can show off your new badge on the forum as an early adopter. Get it here: https://forms.gle/9bpF3h4mVsAGGYH89

Please be aware that this is not (yet) an automated process; there may be a few delays while we process registrations!