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Sonoff SNZB-02 - ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Sonoff SNZB-02 - ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Customer Notice

Sonoff has discontinued the SNZB-02 in favour of the SNZB-02P.
There is stock SNZB-02 remaining in our German warehouse, but we are out of stock in the UK.


The Sonoff SNZB-02, a ZigBee Temperature & Humidity Sensor!

Ever been wondering how cold that spare room actually is?
Look no further than this ZigBee climate sensor.

First Zigbee Device? Read our getting started guide!

A brilliant way to start off your ZigBee network! (Goes well with our CC2531)


Battery 3v (CR2032)
Wireless Connection Zigbee 3
Working Environment -10°C~40°C
Dimensions 43×43×14 mm

Note: Compatible Smart Home Hub recommended for automation!

Sonoff's Description

  • SONOFF SNZB-02 is a ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor that can seamlessly work with SONOFF ZigBee Bridge to track the temperature and humidity change in your home, which all real-time readings can be checked on eWeLink APP.
  • If your Amazon Alexa hub Built-in Zigbee smart home hub, such as Echo (4th generation) and Echo Studio, SNZB-02 can be directly connected to Alexa without another zigbee hub. Alexa APP can only display temperature but not humidity.
  • You can set a condition in the smart scene that is the fan is turned on/off when the temperature reaches the limit value, or the dehumidifier in your room starts working once the humidity is over higher. You can set a smart scene to trigger alerts through events like high/low temperature, high/low humidity conditions and more.
  • Simply share the sensor with your family on EweLink APP and they can directly check this temperature and humidity on their mobile phones without pairing it.
  • It's a battery-operated sensor with low-battery notification on your mobile, adopts 3M adhesives on the bottom to easily install it in any corner of your house.

*Software functionality may be inaccurate when not using the sonoff bridge

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